From Ph to NZ

It’s been two years already since me and my family moved from the Philippines, and boy that was quick. It feels it was just yesterday when I was swearing how fucking hot the temperature in Manila is. No wonder I easily felt home here in NZ where the weather is more tolerable, well at least for my preference. But being away from home town it’s natural that you will miss a lot of thing, heck I would say something is wrong with you don’t. Family, friends, foods, usual tambayan spots and aside from personal stuff the thing I really miss is the car culture. Not saying car scene here in NZ sucks, it’s just it’s not as big back in the PI. It actually motivates me to create this blog to promote car tuning…. Pinoy style

You must be thinkin’ why I used the domain SimplengBuhay if this is going to be an automotive blog? Yes, this will be focused on cars but I also want to cover non-automotive stuffs, my plan is to also chronicle Filipino simple life(hence the title) here in NZ.

so watch for this space as we cover Filipino car scene and lifestyle in New Zealand


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