The Auckland car scene seems to be slowing down in recent years. The continued rise of the JDM tax and the government’s mandate to import only eco-friendly cars appears to be limiting the options for new enthusiasts. And those who were already in the scene most of them have already moved on and decided to […]


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Since I’ve started cycling about a year ago, doing an all carbon fiber build has always been on my mind. I’ve always been a fan of the classic style bikes so I’m glad I found this Pro-Lite Galileo frameset in beautiful raw carbon 3k finish. Matched with my old Grammo carbon fiber wheels, I’m able […]

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Catching up

Oh boy it’s been a while, time just went by and I haven’t realized it was almost two and a half years since my last post in the site. I just got a bit busy with work, personal things and life in general. Then the pandemic struck, looking at the bright side of it we […]

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The Caretaker

Have you ever wondered what happens to a car build once their original owner has gotten tired of their toy? More likely it will either be parted out or have it sold to someone. In either case, once it left the hands of the owner it will not receive the same love as what it […]

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Once a king, always a king

Toyota A80 Supra is one of the cars we just really can’t get enough of. Whether you’re into JDM, Euro or  American muscle, it’s a car that everyone can appreciate. Introduced back in ’93, it was Toyota’s halo and fastest car in its lineup. With the factory equipped bulletproof 2jz engine capable of handling 1000+hp, […]

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Dying breed

It’s a shame that Mitsubishi has decided to retire the Lancer Evolution line. The car is a game changer, it combined WRC performance and 4 door sedan practicality in one car. Equipped with the turbocharged bulletproof 4g63 engine the car is able to produce 276hp straight from the factory. No wonder these cars are a […]

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Caffeine & Classics: October 2017

It’s been a while since the last time I attended Caffeine & Classics. Although the meet is being held every last Sunday of the month in takapuna, the Auckland weather and this thing called responsibilities stops me from attending more frequently. For month of october, due to Auckland marathon, the event was temporarily moved to […]

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Project Honda Fit Part 3

I’m going to tell you, online shopping is dangerous. there’s so much interesting stuff online and retailers have really made it easy for vulnerable people like me to take their bait. while I was browsing parts for my GD3 I stepped into a set of Tamiya 1/24 kit then next thing I know it’s already […]

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Project Honda Fit part 2

Me and my brother has been struck by GD3 bug and we end up buying a second one. I originally wanted to go for another Type-S body but after spending countless hours viewing photos of Spoon Sports GD3 from Google, I was converted to go for a base body Honda Fit. It grew on me and fell […]

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