C & C 28/9/2014

Cars & Coffee events are getting common these days, it’s like every state in the US have their local version. Even back in the PI we have our own called Kotse at Kape. Not sure where it originated from but I first saw them on speedhunters where they cover the Irvine, CA gathering. As the name implies it’s an event to showcase your car and have coffee, normally being held during weekend morning. here in Auckland we have a similar thing going as well coined as Caffeine and Classics. Every last Sunday of the month the parking lot at Smales Farm Takpuna is filled with cars. Open to cars of all kinds.

Caffeine and Classics started sometime in 2013 but this is the first gathering that I have attended. I’m quite hesitant to drop by initially as it looks like it’s going to rain again this morning and i just detailed my car:P but later on decided to just go. So as usual I arrived on Filipino time and most of the are gone by the time I arrived. there are still interesting cars that I was able to capture. I’ll try to attend earlier next month 😉


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