Weekend project

I don’t know if it’s because of my JDM taste but I’ve always been a fan of yellow fog-lights. Aside from form factor it has function as well, compared to regular white fog-lights yellow light is less reflective on Rainy/foggy weather. i searched online for options on my E30 but yellow lights are not available here in Auckland(or maybe im just not looking at the right place). so i decided to just apply tint on it

After a dull rainy week, the sun finally showed up for the weekend. Just in time as my TradeMe headlight tint arrived yesterday and applying tint on rainy or cloudy day is a big no no. I have no hands on experience before on applying tints before so i’m curious what will be the outcome. I’ve already seen a couple of YouTube videos and the process appears to be very straight forward. it’s just a light any way so im not really worried if i messed it up.

i gave it a shot and the output is not too bad

while i was working with the lights, i noticed that my grill is already weathered so i gave it a lick of black paint

if weather permits, i’ll paint side mouldings as well next week



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