I started photographing cars sometime in 2007 and within the span of seven years i’ve had four different phones. Even all of my phones are capable of taking decent photos i never really took time or effort on using them to document stuffs. Yes, im using the camera feature occasionally but all of the photos were just stuck on my memory card and never reached processing. It’s like i just took a photo and forgot about it. Maybe its because even i knew that my phone is capable i still have the mindset that its not good enough specially that im already spoiled by my big sensor cameras

Last Saturday i finally got the chance to install my 16″ BBS wheels and ofcourse i have to take a mandatory shot of my after that(car guys would understand) but i dont have my pro gears with me so i pulled out my xperia C and the output is the photo above. I can say that its not too bad, reminds me of the saying that photography is not about the gear. So from now on expect more stuffs from my camera phone and maybe one day it will replace all my pro tog gears


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