It’s been quite a while since we featured a car on the site. We have a small community here in Auckland and searching for a content can be a task sometimes. Finding a Pinoy owned car in NZ is easy but looking for something with good balance of aesthetics and performance is a different story. Meet Christon Tible’s 2004 Accord euro-R, simple and elegant on the outside but is capable of competing with other performance car at any given time Chris’ accord is fitted with Honda’s high power K20 engine under the hood rated at 200hp and can reach 8500RPM easily the high revving engine is matched with J’s Racing titanium exhaust for more power and as a bonus it produces good acoustics especially when nearing the redline limit…just like music Power is nothing without control right? so Chris’ did some upgrade on handling department as well. it is now riding on Tein coilover suspension system and rolling on lightweight Buddy club wheels wrapped with sticky Falken rubbers. If the front splitter looks familiar, yes it’s from Subaru Impreza. Quite popular amongst accord euroR crowd.

The whole package comes together to make for great balanced car, it’s a perfect example of form and function working hand in hand


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