Laidback Sunday

We were planning on attending Motorkhana to shoot some cars last Sunday but have not expected that the event will finish early. Me and Jonathan arrived in the event location at Hootons park one hour before the scheduled end time but the place is already empty. since both of us are carrying our gears already and it’s still quite early in the afternoon, we cruised down to Chelsea heritage park to shoot our cars instead.

If you have seen previous photos on this site you will notice that this is one of my favorite spots for shooting cars. It has winding scenic road going to the shore and the place is mostly empty during Sundays.

The open thoroughfare allows us to shoot cars in the middle of the road.

After mocking around at Birkenhead wharf, we headed down to the Asian market place at  Newmarket. I really like the ambience here, it reminds me of old Hong Kong movies which is a huge inspiration for me when i was still new on using my cameras.

The afternoon turned out great, it is not really what we were originally planning but we were still able to drive around, take some photos and catch up with a friend. For me this is a perfect way of spending a Sunday afternoon.


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