Dark Knight meet at Hooton Reserve

Spring is almost here, i can already feel it is getting warmer and see daylight is getting longer. This is now the start of having more activities outdoor. This also means that project cars that were hidden in the sheds hibernating during the cold and wet winter months will now be out and about.

What a great way to welcome spring… a car meet at Hooton reserve. Sort of, it’s not yet officially spring but we’re just a few days away. Thanks to Chris of StckShft crew for sending an invite. i wasn’t really planning to go anywhere last weekend as i’m busy moving to a new place, i’m already a bit tired that time but attending the meet was worth it. it was a great turnout, the quality of cars varied from daily driven to car show quality. i arrived late and most of the cars have already left but i was still able to get some photos, luckily stckshftTerence was there able to give a hand. below are some quality build that we’re still able to capture

Auckland Evo crew always rolling together

one of the original Hot Hatches

there are lots of EGs in Auckland but a clean sample like this one is a rare sight these days

Golf GTI on Volk Racing g25 wheels

Ralph Veneracion’s second gen Supra on Work Meister CR01 wheels

another shot of the wide step lip of custom Work wheels

we have lots of this in the Philippines but it’s refreshing to see Lancer boxtype getting some love on NZ as well

i hope the chameleon color is just a wrap

one of NZ’s J-tin icons, I-DEMON, the 1000hp r34 gt-r

i’m glad to see this ek back on track oriented setup and gone are the hellaflush wheels

Chris Tible’s fresh Lancer Evolution X on aggressive RE30 wheels

Thanks to stckshftTerence for Rocking SimplengBuhay decal


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