Keepin’ it clean

Clean. This is the word that immediately came to my head when I first saw Ralph’s Toyota Mark II Supra from last Dark Knight Meet at Hooton’s reserve. It’s not slammed to the ground, not fitted with body kit or any “hey look at me” modification. Simple but it gathers a lot of attention. in fact, i wasn’t able to take much photos of it from the meet because someone is always standing next to the car checking how neat it is. Luckily, Ralph is kind enough to drive his car to a different location for me to take a proper spotlight

Mark II Supra is a rare sight in NZ so i was really excited to have a closer look at the car.

This Supra has been with Ralph’s family for years already and now it’s his turn to take care of it. i’m glad that the car is still in proper hands as Ralph is no newbie on taking care of classic Toyotas. Aside from this Supra he and his tatay are maintaining a KE70 and AE82 as well. Under his possession the car received some changes, a fresh lick of paint, lowering springs and a set of Work Meister CR01. The car is currently running the original 5M engine but next on Ralph’s list is a 1uz engine swap.

Apart from the Nardi steering wheel, the interior has been left untouched keeping its original and clean look

This car proves the old adage “less is more”, nothing fancy here but i guess a subtle approach in modification if executed right will yield an outstanding result


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