Warrior Wagon

Yes, i know it’s not a wagon technically it’s a hatchback, but for me it  has always  been the former for the mk1 axela. Growing up admiring early models of Golf, starlet and civic the term hatchback for me became synanimous with being sporty and compact. This was the complete opposite of the axela when I first saw it roughly 15years ago(i know no one will agree with me on this) it looks like an average 5 door family car to me.

Even in recent time I’m puzzled why it has a huge following in New Zealand and many enthusiasts are raving about it. But after seeing Karl’s quality example of Mazdaspeed axela and had a chance to get acquainted with it I’m now a believer to a point that i started looking for one on TradeMe.

Equipped with a 2.3l turbocharged engine mated to a 6 speed manual transmission and limited slip differential, it also offers spacious passenger & cargo room. It competes on the same league as Lancer evo and impreza WRX.

to give it the right noises a blow off valve and muffler delete has been added to the modification list.

a set of bc gold adjustable coilover suspension and work kiwami wheels were also added to keep everything planted to the ground.

and karl being a detailing freak, the quality of the paint is just mint. the photos doesn’t do it justice.

Karl’s mazda 3 really changed my perspective for axelas. Whether you see this as a wagon or a hatchback one thing is for sure this is not your average 5 door family car. For me this is a warrior wagon.


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