Project Honda Fit part 2

Me and my brother has been struck by GD3 bug and we end up buying a second one. I originally wanted to go for another Type-S body but after spending countless hours viewing photos of Spoon Sports GD3 from Google, I was converted to go for a base body Honda Fit. It grew on me and fell in love with the original bean shape of the car.

Here’s the blank canvass being inspected by my old man. Again, it took us a while to find the right one, it has to be GD3(1.5L) and in Manual gearbox! we’ve managed to find a fresh JDM import from a local dealer. it’s not on the list of my favorite colors but the condition of the car makes it really hard to resist.

Now with the exciting part, just after we drove the car home I ordered a set of BC adjustable coilover to set the height and stiffen the suspension.

When we received the coilover I immediately lifted the car and remove the factory struts to place the new springs. When I’m about to fit the coilover we’ve found that the factory sway bar end link will not fit and I have to order a shorter one.

we’ve also ordered a set of sw388/regamaster to complete the Spoon Sports GD3 look.

Here’s the current setup of the car. i’m still contemplating if i will get an aftermarket exhaust or will keep the factory muffler. since this will serve primarily as a daily driver, I want to keep the noise to minimum.

Some of my future plan for the car are reinforcement struts and a spoiler. that’s it for now stay tuned for more updates.


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