Caffeine & Classics: October 2017

It’s been a while since the last time I attended Caffeine & Classics. Although the meet is being held every last Sunday of the month in takapuna, the Auckland weather and this thing called responsibilities stops me from attending more frequently. For month of october, due to Auckland marathon, the event was temporarily moved to Westgate shopping center parking lot. since this is just 5 minutes away from my place i have no reason to miss the meet this time. with a tight schedule, i still managed to grab a few shots that caught my eyes.

TRD FRS sitting on Work wheels.

Rocket Bunny fitted RX-7 sitting next to its more factory looking sibling.

I really dig this GT0 2000, it’s like a Japanese Eleanor.

E30 325i with M-tech 2 kit.

Another 325i on track oriented configuration

Datsun Sunny on Work Equip wheels

can’t go wrong with the classic 2002

Early and late generation Evos sitting next with each other.

the plate says it all…

Im closing this gallery with a car that everyone loves. with the summer season getting closer, I’ll try to attend this meeting more often.

thanks for looking, stay tuned for more update.


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