Barely Legal

Pinoys love H-badged machines especially the Civic. I remember back in the Philippines when there is a car/JDM meet it’s always dominated by this compact Japanese car. I initially thought that this is the only obtainable effective platform for Pinoy speed freaks and hence its popularity. But for migrants who are residing in a country where there […]

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I started photographing cars sometime in 2007 and within the span of seven years i’ve had four different phones. Even all of my phones are capable of taking decent photos i never really took time or effort on using them to document stuffs. Yes, im using the camera feature occasionally but all of the photos […]

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Carlo’s kouki s14

Here’s my brother’s pride and joy, a 96 Silvia. We got this about a year ago and it is has been his baby ever since. But don’t think that this is a garage queen as this is daily driven and is receiving some trashin’ during weekends. Some of the mods that he’s done so far […]

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Tuesday night

Spent another night  with Honda peeps last Tuesday. I didn’t took much photos as i tried to use the time to catch-up with friends. Below are some photos that evening. I have my full gear that night but ended just using my 35mil, reminds me of JDMPilipinas days when i only have one focal length Zero fuck given […]

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WRD Wheels

i was able to score these sweet WRD Wheels. Sizes are 16×8 and 16×8.5, perfect formy brother’s s14 can’t wait to put them on

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New Decals

Filipinos sticking Philippine flag on their cars is becoming a cliche here in Auckland so I thought to create my own. Inspired by minimalist text style from brands as Supreme & Fatlace i kept it plain and simple. i was initially thinkin’ of using pinoy but i want something that only other kababyan can notice so […]

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Weekend project

I don’t know if it’s because of my JDM taste but I’ve always been a fan of yellow fog-lights. Aside from form factor it has function as well, compared to regular white fog-lights yellow light is less reflective on Rainy/foggy weather. i searched online for options on my E30 but yellow lights are not available […]

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