Aussie power

I’m not a big fan of Australian muscle cars but this one got my attention. An ordinary Commodore tuned by HDT and sitting on Work VS XX wheels.

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Wolf in a sheep’s clothing

At first glance, this appears to be a standard IS model from Lexus but if you will take a closer look you will notice a huge carbon fiber wing in the back. An immediate hint that this is not your ordinary entry level car from the Japanese luxury car manufacturer. What we have here is an already fast […]


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Auckland Meet Part I

  This post is already long overdue, I haven’t noticed that it has been months now since we had this event. It was the 30th of January when we held the 1st meet of SimplengBuhay in collaboration with StckShft Crew and team Automotix. January is summer here in New Zealand and there’s no better way […]

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Trackday at Pukekohe Park Raceway

if you were present during the last SimplengBuhay x StckShft meet, you already know by now that the boys from Team Automotix have just finished their two Civic EG project both rocking b18 engine swap. Both cars are being driven in the streets already but to fully utilize the potential of these pocket rockets and give […]

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Summer Snow

It’s December and we’re just a few days away from Christmas Day. While the rest of the world in the upper hemisphere is enjoying the holidays with winter breeze, here down under in Auckland Christmas is welcomed with long daylight and hot summer weather. Yes that means we don’t have snow but who needs that […]

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Keepin’ it clean

Clean. This is the word that immediately came to my head when I first saw Ralph’s Toyota Mark II Supra from last Dark Knight Meet at Hooton’s reserve. It’s not slammed to the ground, not fitted with body kit or any “hey look at me” modification. Simple but it gathers a lot of attention. in fact, i wasn’t […]

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Afternoon at Automotix

Me and my old man met these guys about a year ago, they were just starting back then. A small shop in the back portion of Parity place. Although the shop is hidden, you will always find the place busy and at most times it is filled with interesting cars. Carlo Manlutac, shop owner is a […]

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Automania 2015

These photos has been sitting on my hard drives for a while now, i almost forgot that i have this set. It’s not a full coverage, just randoms shots i’ve taken while catching up with StickshftTerence and BigRyan at Automania held at North Shore events center. just now while i’m uploading these photos i noticed that […]

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It’s been quite a while since we featured a car on the site. We have a small community here in Auckland and searching for a content can be a task sometimes. Finding a Pinoy owned car in NZ is easy but looking for something with good balance of aesthetics and performance is a different story. […]

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