Automania 2016

Pride and Joy

Today we have Gwens Binueza’s Nissan Skyline r32 GT-R. Here at Simplengbuhay Garage we don’t just talk about the specs sheet of a car but the story behind the driver and his build. For us car enthusiasts, we dream to drive a car that fascinates us, something that make us who we are. For Gwen Binueza, that dream turns into a reality.

If you have been following us, i’m sure you have seen this GT-R once here if not, quite a couple of times. We were bugging Gwen for the last couple of months to try and put the story behind his GT-R, and here we are almost a year after.Gwen said that his GT-R dreams started back when he was on his teenage years working with cars with his father (who’s a car enthusiast as well). Influenced by the anime car series Initial-D since the 90’s and a go signal from his wife Jade, Gwen decided to buy his iconic R32 GTR.

When he first got the R32 he said that he slapped a not-a-usual set of Mags on it. He put a Varstoen V3 in front and a Rota Grids in the rears. Which he stated was a “budget” wheel choice for the sake of the looks. He then learned that the four wheel drive system of the GT-R is malfunctioning and decided to save money for a more classic and genuine look of a Work Meister. Although the price of the custom ordered Work Meister is a sensitive topic, we can agree that it is worth the blood,sweat and tears. The Meisters bronze lip compliments the grey metallic r32 quite well.

Attention to details is one of Gwen’s philosophies in life as well as being an OC when it comes to cleaning his pride and joy. I can’t count how many times he pull out his wheel cleaner and chamois to clean his wheels during the photoshoot/interview. One of those details is inside the headlights. Not noticable at first glance but when you look closely you’ll see a gunmetallic phase with a candy red outline which Gwen revealed that the paint came from those Tamiya spray cans.

Enough of the storytelling now we hope here at Simplengbuhay Garage to enjoy the Photos. Build humbly, be simple and stay simplengbuhay.

Words By Terence Sia.



Preparing for the sunny days

Aussie power

I’m not a big fan of Australian muscle cars but this one got my attention. An ordinary Commodore tuned by HDT and sitting on Work VS XX wheels.

Wolf in a sheep’s clothing

At first glance, this appears to be a standard IS model from Lexus but if you will take a closer look you will notice a huge carbon fiber wing in the back. An immediate hint that this is not your ordinary entry level car from the Japanese luxury car manufacturer. What we have here is an already fast Lexus IS-F which is made faster by the guys from TRD. Under the unassuming exterior, this car is fitted with plenty of go-fast bits: LSD, forged wheels, performance dampers and titanium mufflers to name a few. I’m sure M3 owners will be surprised if they get overtaken by this 🙂

Auckland Meet Part I


This post is already long overdue, I haven’t noticed that it has been months now since we had this event. It was the 30th of January when we held the 1st meet of SimplengBuhay in collaboration with StckShft Crew and team Automotix. January is summer here in New Zealand and there’s no better way to start the year accompanied with pristine weather other than spending an afternoon with friends and fellow car enthusiasts.

This meet also marks the anniversary when I met a group of car owners who motivated me to drive SimplengBuhay into this direction – to motivate & unite car enthusiasts and say no to brand wars and yabangan.

I wasn’t able to take much photos that afternoon as I tried just to spend the time catching up with friends luckily J.Lo was there with his camera and below are some snaps from the meet

Jun Santiago’s black-on-black 350Z

EG squad from team Automotix

Rey Sucgang’s  DC5 on Enkei RPF01

Hendrix Cano’s ultimate driving machine

Jackson Uy’s Silvia s15 on Rota Grids

Torneo Euro r from Jonathan Lo

Looks like JR is having a good time with his Evo =P

Josh Santos’ WRX

Mark Mallari’s carbon integra

Karl Tanyag’s always clean MPS

Kent Busco’s integra

Marcos’ 5th gen Galant

Lance scored a floor jack from the raffle

Thanks to Team Automotix for drinks and sausages

Mig’s 3 series hatch

Alfred’s B-series swapped eg5

One of my favourite platform which sadly is not getting much attention, I’m glad JC is still proudly rocking his ae111

another trueno nicely done on Advan wheels

Jac’s sleeper Axela

Chris Tible’s evo X looking mean as always.

Jorge Jingco drove all the way up from H-town with his super clean cube, that’s dedication right there.

Ken Balila’s FD2r.

Boss T’s 1 series msport.

Ralph’s clean as supra… Photo doesn’t do justice

Lance’s VIP euro

Short clip from the meet.

The meet turned out well, weather was on-point and number attendees are more than what we’re expecting. Thanks to those who participated and special shoutout to StckShft crew and team Automotix for making this event possible. This is just the start watch out for year-2 anniversary meet.



Trackday at Pukekohe Park Raceway

if you were present during the last SimplengBuhay x StckShft meet, you already know by now that the boys from Team Automotix have just finished their two Civic EG project both rocking b18 engine swap. Both cars are being driven in the streets already but to fully utilize the potential of these pocket rockets and give them a little shake down Carlo and Sherwin of Automotix have decided to bring their babies to the track. Just one hour away from North Shore we headed south of Auckland to Pukekohe Park Raceway.

Weather was on-point during that day not too warm and sun wasn’t so bright, just right to have fun on the track. it gave me good opportunity to take some well lit photos as well

Carlo Manlutac’s EG on Work RSZ wheels with slick tires

Sherwin Domingo going all out on the straights… In just one year this car aka Jumbo have went three ownership and im glad it’s finally getting the track action it deserves. if you will remember this same car was featured here about a year ago

Ken Balila’s ex Evo X

Clean R32 on LMGT4s

Accord EuroR wearing some Mugen goodies

Ryan “Batang Angas”and Migz checking out a totalled WRX STI

The day turned out great and both of cars performed well. Sherwin’s black EG had little a mishap and was rear ended but nothing serious – just one of the risks during track days. Everyone had fun and im sure once Jumbo is fixed the car will be back on track again. as most track guys will say “build it. race it. break it. repeat”